You never know!

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My wife is not a fan of anal sex! Actually she doesn’t like it at all! I decided to create a better strategy that will make her beg me to fuck her ass! I started playing with her asshole every time we had sex,  after a few weeks or so right before sex. She gave me a tube of lube and said that tonight is my night. We had an amazing anal sex and she’s been practicing it twice a week ever since. Believe it or not but you have to re-think the way you ask for anal sex!

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All mornings must start with a good sex

homemade anal sex


Something important that everyone must remember! If you are in a relationship and your sexual life is poor or insufficient you have to change it as soon as possible. In our busy day life our minds are constantly engaged with hundreds of tasks and sometime we underestimate how powerful motivator sex can be. If you haven’t tried it yet our advice is to wake up 30 minutes earlier on Monday and just give it a try. You will be stunned how energetic your entire day will be. While having sex you unlock important enzymes in your body and brain that help you reduce the stress and feel healthier and stronger. Keep your priorities is vital for the future and for the present. Don’t let your work ruin your relationship

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